Project Viper GTS: Part 9 – RareFab / Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle Kit


Viper Gen 2 97 vs 2000 Windage Tray Joe Dozzo Mod from RareFabIt is visually obvious that the 00-02 pan with the Joe Dozzo drainage holes greatly improve the oils drainage back to the pan.  This is crucial for preventing oil from staying whipped about the crank while keeping oil level in the pan as high as possible.
Viper Gen 2 with 2000+ Windage Tray Joe Dozzo Mod by RareFabAfter carefully cleaning our new modified windage tray, we reinstalled it back in the engine.
Viper Gen 2 2000+ Windage Tray Joe Dozzo Mod by RareFab close shotWith our Joe Dozzo drainage holes, we can visibly see the crank.  We double checked the clearance of the crank scraper arms to the crank to make sure there was no interference or contact.  Since we were careful with the modifications and install, the scrapers were never bent and cleared the crank without issue.
Viper Gen 2 with 2000+ 10 quart oil panAfter applying a dab of high temp silicone to the four mounting surfaces on the block, we carefully installed our baffled 10-quart pan with the newer multi-layered oil pan gasket from Roe Racing.



For those looking to enjoy their Viper at the track, which I imagine more will as a new generation come into ownership due to the depreciation of the car to the point of being an affordable option as a track day car, we HIGHLY recommend the RareFab/Roe Racing Oil Pan Baffle Kit as cheap insurance, especially on 97-99 cars with the 8.5-quart pan.  Adding a RareFab baffle to a 10-quart pan, assuming you can find one, would make for an almost foolproof oiling system for everything short of a high downforce race car, which would require an accusump or dry sump.

Overall we were very satisfied with the race-proven performance and protection the RareFab Oil/Roe Racing Pan Baffle Kit will give us when tracking our car.  The installation was straight-forward and quite easy with just a few tools and great installation instructions.  Due to the success of Vipers with 8.5-quart baffled pans being tracked with coilovers and R-compound tires, the addition of the high capacity 10-quart oil pan and modified 00+ windage tray to further improve the oil drainage back to the pan to reduce the chance of oil starvation gives us a lot of confidence to push the limits of the car on modern track rubber.

Stay tuned for future Project Viper GTS articles.


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