Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on Power with a Borla ATAK Exhaust

Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on Power with a Borla ATAK Exhaust

by Mike Kojima

In the last installment of Project Mustang, we freed up the engine's breathing with an AEM intake.  Now we will work on the other end of the car by reducing backpressure with a free flowing ATAK exhaust system from Borla

The ATAK line is the most aggressive exhaust from Borla's line up.  For the Mustang, Borla offers the Touring and S-Type exhausts with differing amounts of quietness and refinement.  The Touring exhaust is designed for a lower sound output on mildly modified or stock engines.  The S-Type has a more sporty note and less backpressure for the dedicated enthusiast.

The ATAK system is Borla's all out performance exhaust tuned for maximum power with sound reduction being secondary to reducing backpressure.  Because our car is going to be tuned for potential track use we naturally picked the ATAK system, noise be damned.


The Borla ATAK exhaust system uses these all stainless steel mufflers.  In audition to being very corrosion resistant, the Borla mufflers use a unique multiple core baffling system for maximum air flow.  Unlike most straight flowing mufflers that have a single perforated core, the Borla muffler has several core tubes.  Exhaust flow to and from the core tubes is directed by a collector shaped stamping for smooth flow.  The tube are wrapped with a high temperature sound absorbent stainless wool then inserted in the muffler can which is full of a mineral wool.  The muffler has just about zero backpressure. 
The ATAK system uses large 3″ in diameter rust free stainless tubing.  The exhaust is assembled using slip joints and OEM style ball joint flex sections are used between the mid pipe and mufflers to allow the exhaust to flex around and move to prevent cracking in long term use.  This is important for Borla's unique million mile warranty. 
The Borla ATAK system uses a Siamesed X pipe to equalize flow between the cylinder banks.  The X pipe helps low and mid range torque over the factory H pipe and usually makes a smoother sound.  Think Cosworth XD rather than old school hotrod V8.
The Borla muffler uses nice stainless steel hangers and a polished tip that fills the holes in the bumper fascia well.

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