Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on Power with a Borla ATAK Exhaust


The Mustang's stock exhaust isn't all that bad and we were wondering if the ATAK exhaust would net us much in the way of gains.  With a stock exhaust, you might have a lot of corrosion on it so it would be a good idea to spray some penetrating oil on the slip joints and hardware the night before to make disassembly a little easier.
The stock exhaust uses slip joints and wide clamps to connect the sections together.  This is typical of domestic cars but different from the bolted flanges that Japanese cars typically run.
The head pipes were removed first.  They have a ball joint connection at the downpipe to allow for engine moment and a slip joint at the mid pipe.  Slip joints are a little more difficult to disassemble than bolted flanges. 
The mufflers are slipped off of their hangers.  The mufflers have ball joint connectors to the mid pipe as well just like the down pipes.
The mid pipe is wiggled free and the stock exhaust is finally removed.

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