Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on Power with a Borla ATAK Exhaust


The mufflers are hung and hooked up to the mid pipe.  The ball joints are used here so the muffler can move around sightly.
All of the slip joint clamps are slid in place and tightened.  The slip joints are a little harder to work with than bolted flanges but it's still relatively easy.  The slip joints also allow the exhaust to be tweaked and fitted to the car a little better than bolted flanges too. 
The exhaust in place.  The Borla ATAK exhaust fits perfectly and solidly, no rattles or any sort of body contact.  No more crush bends!
Around the back of the car, the exhaust had more room than stock as the Borla mufflers are shorter.  The fit was excellent with no contact or rattles.
With the new exhaust ready to go, it was time to dyno the Borla ATAK exhaust on Project Mustang.  Our new HQ has an old outdoor Quonset hut dating back to at least WWII on the property.  We figured it would be nice to put the dyno in there away from rest of the shop.
The Borla ATAK exhaust delivered, upping the peak power from 319 whp and 302 lb/ft of torque to 325 whp and 312 lb/ft of torque with most of the gains coming in after 3000 RPM.  Note that the larger exhaust didn't lose power anywhere although they commonly lose bottom end on stockish motors like this. This is probably thanks to the X pipe.

Considering that the factory exhaust is pretty darned good, we were really pleased that the Borla ATAK exhaust could get some decent gains across such a wide range on such a mild engine. We are sure that as we add mods in the near future, the exhaust will not become a choke point.

With the stock manifolds in place, the engine was much louder with a deeper pitch.  At part throttle it was decently quiet but at anything more than a quarter throttle, the car was definitely loud.  There was no irritating resonance or droning. Some people might find this exhaust too loud for street use in which case we would recommend the other Borla models.

Stay tuned, in our next edition of Project Mustang we will be adding some of Borlas long tube headers to the mix as we hear they are supposed to give a major jump in power.

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