Purple in Motion – Jackson Racing Supercharged Scion FR-S

Purple in Motion – Jackson Racing Supercharged Scion FR-S

by Alvin Miles Jr.


Car enthusiasts in this generation are always after the newest and hottest automobiles being released. When it came down to a sports car, Toyota was definitely behind in that department. Akio Toyoda, (the President of Toyota and grandson of the founder), wanted that feeling to come alive again. In spring 2012, the Scion FR-S (front engine rear-wheel-drive ‘sport’) was launched. Inspired by the mid 80’s Toyota Corolla, also known as AE86 and known to be any drifter’s eye candy, the FR-S was set to be agile, light, and most of all, affordable. That was the same feeling that Phil Chien felt with his AE86 that he once had. Once the GT86 (Toyota’s formidable version)/FR-S was released, he knew that he had to have one.


Unique builds begin with a unique thought.

Colors stand out on an automotive build; they could be the brightest, the darkest, or even the simplest. Phil took a different approach- an approach that sat right at home. He once had a thought to make his new FR-S gold. However, he decided to go a different route after noticing several other vehicles wrapped in a gold color. Since his wife’s favorite color happens to be purple, it only made sense to him to choose purple over gold. 

Being a family oriented individual, he used what he knew would make his own creation memorable. He incorporated many ideas that came from either his friends, family, or from anyone that meant a great deal to him.

The uniqueness definitely starts with the aftermarket widebody itself. The Rocket Bunny V1 wide body over-fenders gives it noticeable flare, which is easily seen right away. Other pieces that stand out well are the custom, Fly1 Motorsports front and side splitters and APR splitter rods.


Autotuned in Monrovia, CA laid this custom, race-inspired design, vinyl wrap. Due to the width of the car combined with its many round curves, laying this wrap took precision and patience. To come out flawlessly, it took a lot of time and diligence.


Show cars are not track cars, but track cars can sometimes be show cars.

Don’t let the color, design, and stickers fool you, for they are only evidence to what’s under the hood. This car not only participates in auto show events representing Continental Tire’s sponsored show car team, Team Arkan, but it also has seen recent track time. As a matter of fact, days before this shoot, Phil recently finished an event at Buttonwillow Raceway. Without cleaning up much, he went to the photoshoot as he was. The wheels were a little dirty, with rubble underneath the chassis. As raw as can be, it was still clean enough to snag many shots. The specifics of the car are genuinely intriguing.

Before taking the FR-S to Buttonwillow Raceway, Phil asked MotoIQ’s own driver, writer and content manager, Karla Pestotnik, to pilot it at Willow Springs International Raceway for its first time ever on a racetrack. The shakedown occurred at the Streets of Willow Springs course during the Continental Tire/Super Street Magazine 86 Shootout time attack event, where it ran a 1:28 lap time on the new Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires.


Photo credit: Super Street Magazine from the Continental Tire/Super Street Magazine 86 Shootout. Karla putting great use to the R1 Concepts brakes exiting the blind, downhill chicane.

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