Purple in Motion – Jackson Racing Supercharged Scion FR-S


Grip and go! An Exedy stage 3 hyper single clutch kit, paired with the chromoly steel flywheel delivers the power smoothly.

All Exedy hyper clutches come with the steel flywheel, a 6-puck disc with cerametallic facing, and a sprung center damper. The clutch is more thin and smaller than the OEM disc for lower inertia, thus making it faster and easier to shift. The friction surface on the forged chromoly flywheel can’t warp, unlike the aluminum flywheel. Testing up to 18,000 RPM without failure, it made a big attribute to be SFI approved.

It’s important to know about the SFI foundation. They are a non-profit organization to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment. Established in 1978, SFI develops and administers various standards, certifications, and testing criteria to ensure safety.


No Purple? Raceseng’s Revo S2 lightweight alternator and idler pulley.

With many other lightweight components like the Exedy hyper single clutch and the chromoly steel flywheel, the computer numerically controlled, also known as CNC’d, pulley kits by Raceseng replace the factory’s pulleys with lightweight versions. By decreasing the rotational mass and therefore taking the load off of the motor, the pulleys allow faster revolutions and is more responsive. With the pulleys alone, five pounds of rotating mass are conserved.

With CNC, a design is created that’s literally carved out of some kind of solid metal. With these pulleys here, they are carved out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum- the least expensive but most versatile heat-treatable alloy on the market.


Stay grounded with the best and the highest quality for the most protection.

Secured by Odyssey’s battery hold down kit is the PC925 battery, also made by Odyssey. A cool fact about this battery is that it has the characteristics of two different batteries. It can deep cycle while pushing out a lot of cranking power. For five seconds, the battery is able to double or even triple the cranking power over equally sized conventional batteries.

With many distinctive parts that you wouldn’t really expect in a car like this, many people look forward to Phil’s creativity with his future plans to the car. He’s now in the process of his 6th version of the car. He expects more carbon fiber and more aero on the way. Also, there will be an all-new custom interior, including new panels, new seats and much more. One wouldn’t think that more work could be done to a car like this, but with the builder and the support system behind it, no one can truly be satisfied.


Pay it forward. Phil's gratitude towards all of his supporters is prevalent every time he is asked about his car. 

It takes a lot to endure the challenges that come with building a multi-purpose car. You don’t know what will come your way and when it will. Phil pays ultimate homage to everyone who was a part of his build. With his large heart to make anything possible with what he thinks is right, there is no telling what he might do next.


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