Purple in Motion – Jackson Racing Supercharged Scion FR-S


For its first time seeing the track, the suspension used for car shows was swapped out for KW V3’s, previously owned by Formula D professional drifter, Ken Gushi. With the help of fellow MotoIQ writer, Clint Boisdeau, they were able to dial in the suspension settings during the competition as well.


Karla commented on enjoying the FR-S and the smooth power delivery from the Jackson Racing supercharger. She enjoyed the fun oversteer that was very forgiving to control.


Back to enjoying the details. It definitely has a nice interior to match the outside, as every little touch was carefully addressed. Purple really reigned supreme with this build.


This Nardi 350mm steering wheel has a black and grey leather handgrip, anodized black spokes, matching black center ring and a Nardi horn button.


This is a subtle Raceseng Ashiko shift knob to complement the center console. As hot as the day was for the photoshoot, the shifter did not reach a high enough temperature to burn the hand.

Tucked away and for when the FR-S in show car form, the car is on air ride D2 Racing suspension. The struts have 36-way damping adjustment and are paired with pressure sensors and the infamous, 5-gallon tank. Air Zenith provides their OB2 air compressor.


When the FR-S is in show car mode, a Vera Elite digital controller with a 2.4” LCD display manages the air suspension. This controller has the ability to preset custom air control settings, set parameters, and will send alerts for active data past parameter limits. For this digital controller and the 175 PSI pressure switch, they handle all of the needs for this suspension to work properly.

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