Purple in Motion – Jackson Racing Supercharged Scion FR-S


The purple theme carries a lot of weight. The respected part of the painted areas is that they bring the eye to each piece in the engine bay that contributes to the engine as a whole, but without high-temperature paint it will peel right off. We can vouch that the paint held up well during the track test at Willow Springs. Every component like the fuse cover, strut bar, fluid covers etc. is touched by Indy Paint’s high-temp paint.
Since the FR-S doesn’t come very speed happy from the factory, more power was desired. The car has been equipped with a Jackson Racing Rotrex C30 Supercharger and boost pulley, accompanied by a Jackson Racing front mount intercooler and Rotrex oil filter. This supercharger is a silent operating unit with a patented Rotrex traction drive. The maxed out impeller speed is 120,000 RPM.

One of the major key points that make this supercharger top-notch is that it is CARB legal, EO#D700-2. All Californians have heard of CARB, all Californian automotive enthusiasts dread the name, but not everyone knows how it was originally established. For a little background on CARB (California Air Resources Board), it is the “clean air agency” within California’s government. After former governor Ronald Regan signed the Mulford-Carrell act in 1967, CARB was established alongside the Bureau of Air Sanitation and the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board. Essentially, CARB is within the cabinet-level California Environmental Protection Agency.


The aluminum piping to this supercharger is powder coated and mandrel bent. Mandrel bending is important because it prevents the tube from collapsing and wrinkling through the bending process. Typically, material that is more difficult to bend, exotic, or just thinner wall tubes require the mandrel bend.


Jackson Racing designed silicone intake hose for maximum clearance and flow. High quality metric fasteners and hardware fasten the hoses that are used for this supercharger.

The Jackson Racing proprietary design ensures accurate MAF reading with seamless delivery of power and drivability that seems straight from the factory. Therefore, this supercharger kit has the essential, “straight off the lot” feel on the road with the horsepower increase that did not come with the car when you first bought it.


Jackson Racing also manufactured their high-flow, powder-coated, air-to-air intercooler. The install is fully reversible, and there is no need for tapping or drilling. It’s the perfect bolt-on system for easy access to take on or off if needed.

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