Redline Track Events Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA 3/5/11 – 3/6/11


Adam Knapik in the Tech Division S14 would also fall victim to a loose head stud that lead to his head lifting off the block.  Coolant was able to find its way into the combustion chamber and we all know that when a piston goes toe to toe with water, the water always wins.  Adam and his S14 would have been one of the contenders for first place in the Tuner Over division but today was not his day.  


 Adam and his two Corgi dogs stayed up all night trying make repairs the night before in an attempt to keep his head firmly seated to his block.  He qualified P2 but was unable to take the green flag.

Berk Technology brought out their 2010 Champion package with Mike Bonanni once again driving the BMW 135i. This to be the longest race that both car and driver have ever competed in.  The Berk team was concerned about whether or not their BMW had enough fuel and cooling capacity to last the entire race.  The full course caution that lasted a few minutes during the race played in their favor and allowed them to conserve fuel and gave them the cool down laps needed to get their oil temps to stabilize at a safer level.  The Berk Technology team would take P1 in qualifying and would win the event in the Tuner Over division of the MPTCC.  


Mike Bonanni driving the Berk Technology BMW 135i would qualify first and lead all 19 laps in the 30 minute sprint race.  It was the first time the BMW has driven on the Hankook Ventus Z214 DOT Slicks.

Formula D superstar Dai Yohishara was driving a RHD Spoon Sports prepped Honda Civic that was shipped all the way from Japan.  Dai would qualify first in the Tuner Under class and would click off clean lap after clean lap and his consistent driving style allowed him to easily take home the win. Seeing cars from world famous car buliders like Spoon Sports run against some home built examples was a treat to see on track.  

Team Falken driver Dai Yoshihara put the Spoon Civic through its paces.  Dai also qualified the Spoon Sports Civic on P1 and took the win in the Tuner Under division by a wide margin.  

 Brian Lock was a last minute shoe in entrant to the MPTCC event driving his AM Performance 350Z.  Despite the fact that his car was sporting zero aerodynamic aids other than the factory Nismo styling kit he still brought his A game and kept the Berk Technology team on their toes.  


Brian Lock driving the AM Performance 350Z was testing their GrandAm engine package during the MPTCC race.  Their car clicked off consistent lap times and finished 2nd in the MPTCC Tuner Over class.

Charles Boyles decided to run the MPTCC at the last minute and went just a little too hot into turn 3 and suffered heavy damage to his rear suspension and was unable to continue the race.  Thankfully he was unhurt and we hope he rebuilds his beautiful S2000 to compete again.  

Charles Boyles came in just a little too hot into turn 3 and went off track just after this photo was taken and the car suffered major suspension damage. 



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