Redline Track Events Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA 3/5/11 – 3/6/11


The Street AWD class would see Apollo Performance make a triumphant 2011 start to Redline Pro Time Attack in their Subaru STI.  Clint Boisdeau was behind the wheel as their hired hot shoe this weekend and they were able to charge hard up to the top podium spot.  Apollo has made some real sacrifices over the years to get their car to where it is today and we’re so happy that they are off to a great start.   

Apollo Perfomance would take their first win and finally get that monkey off their back.  The team says they will kick it up another notch and see how much further they can push their program in the right direction. 


Tony Brown in the Integrated Performance STI would take second in the Street AWD class. 


The Night Motorsport STI unfortunately suffered a major engine fire during Saturday’s practice.  The fire grew so intense that the flames could be seen all the way from the paddock area.  


Modified RWD would see some close competition between Brian Lock in his 350Z and Jacob Tanaka in his Tanaka Racing Corvette which usually sees action on the FormulaD circuit.  The lighter weight and better handling 350Z with pro driver Brian Lock behind the wheel would edge out Jacob Tanaka for the win.  The Tanaka Racing Corvette’s mutant Koi fish livery scheme and big V8 exhaust note certainly looked great out on the race track.  Casey Dennis in his Kraftwerks Supercharged S2000 would round out the podium. 

Brian Lock and AM Performance seemed to have their 350Z dialed in very well for the event.  They would win the Modified RWD class.


Jacob Tanaka shows us that drifters can also drive fast through the turns.  The Tanaka Racing Corvette would take 2nd place in the Modified RWD class.



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