Redline Track Events Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA 3/5/11 – 3/6/11



MotoIQ editor Annie Sam put on a display of smooth driving skills in her Jim Wolf Nissan NX2000.  She was grossly underpowered compared to the other entrants in her Tuner Under class however she maintained her composure the whole race.  She was able to run consistent laps the whole event but her 60hp disadvantage really showed on the straights.  Annie still had a great result and finished in 2nd place behind Dai Yoshihara. 


Robert Ramirez in the Road Race Engineering 1G Eclipse charges hard during the 30 minute race.  His Eclipse is a rally car that was recently converted to road racing specs for the MPTCC event.

Robert Ramirez aka Honda Robert in his Road Race Engineering Eclipse fought through some engine issues all weekend only to be black flagged at the start of the MTPCC event.  Robert was out of line at the start and was then forced to come into the pits for what amounted to a 2 lap time penalty.  Once he was allowed to go back out on track it was simply too large of a gap to makeup.  On the bright side Robert was able to finish the whole 30 minute race without any mechanical issues and he showed us that his 1G Eclipse can still hold its own in a wheel to wheel battle.  Robert finished the day in 3rd place in the Tuner Over division. 


MotoIQ marketing director Martin “Speedy” Gonzales didn’t have the time to sort out his car properly prior to the MPTCC event and was struggling with suspension setup issues.  He was still able to complete the entire 30 minute event and land on the podium with a 3rd place finish.


The drivers were welcomed back into the pits for the awards ceremony immediately after the inaugural MPTCC race.


The Redline Pro Time Attack series saw the return of many old familiar faces in hopes of breaking new records at Willow Springs with the cooler weather. However high winds and dusty track conditions would put a halt to the record smashing but the competitors still went out and did their best.  One of the big motivators that Redline is putting out there this year is the $10,000 in prize money that is on the line for the Pro Time Attack racers.  While some of the fields were pretty light in terms of competition the Mizu Cooling Street Tire class was stacked and represented over half of the entire Pro Time Attack field.  


Takeshi Aizawa in the Greddy Performance Products Scion TC makes his way around Omega.  Aizawa finished 2nd in the stacked Street FWD division.



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