Redline Track Events Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA 3/5/11 – 3/6/11


 In the Pro Track Challenge whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner as they are not racing against the clock like traditional Time Attack racing.  The cars thunder down in formation for a rolling start and once the green flag drops all hell breaks loose as the drivers go ape shit for two laps.  


Gary Sheehan in the Fontana Nissan 350Z lines up against the LS powered Pontiac GTO in an import vs domestic V8 battle.  The Fontana car has a highly modified naturally aspirated VQ engine and is quite the underdog.  Sheehan would take 2nd place in the Pro Track Challenge.


During the Saturday practice the LG Motorsports Corvette broke their sequential transmission and they showed us the resilience and the resources that this team has.  LG Motorsports had someone grab the spare sequential tranny at the shop in Texas and hop on a plane.  LG checked the tranny into baggage and around midnight they met at LAX to recieve the tranny.  By the next morning LG Motorsports had the new tranny in the car and were able to continue the day.   


A broken sequential transmission would send lesser teams packing for the weekend, however Lou Gigliotti and the LG Motorsports team pulled together to get the car fixed and ready for the Sunday competition. 


2010 Redline Pro Time Attack Super Mod FWD Champion Dez Ballard would return with his 650hp ABF Tech Division Mini Cooper to battle it out in the Pro Track Challenge.  The car was turning some quick laps during practice but a coolant leak caused their engine to overheat and it took them out of the competition.  ABF will come back next time and give some of these big V8’s a run for their money. 


After the seeding rounds the crowd saw the first match up between the LG Motorsports Corvette driven by Lou Gillotti and the K&N Engineering G35 piloted by Paul Brown.  The two cars would switch position 3 times in under 3 minutes.  The LG Motorsports Corvette seemed to be the better handling of the two but the K&N G35 had a definite power advantage in the straights.  Paul Brown was trailing coming into the last lap and took a huge risk by dropping two wheels off into the dirt to go wide in turn 9.  This bold move gave the G35 just enough room to power down the front straight and take out the Corvette by a few car lengths in the end.  I would venture to say that this first battle was epic and the large crowd that had gathered in the grand stands were on their feet and cheering in excitement.  


Without a doubt the Brown vs. Gigliotti matchup was the most exciting race of the weekend.  Both drivers fought tooth and nail for position throughout the duration of the televised event.   


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