Redline Track Events Round 2 at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, AZ


 Redline Track Events: Round 2 Race Report – Firebird Raceway

By Laura Heng


Redline Track Events made its way down to Firebird International Raceway for Round 2 of the Circuit Battles, Pro Time Attack, MotoIQ MPTCC, and Lotus Cup Races.  Though bad weather and a busy motorsports weekend resulted in a lighter turnout than usual in some of the classes – the weekend still treated fans to tight individual on-track battles and a number of record breaking lap times.

 LG Corvette Lou Gigliotti circuit battle timeattack

Lou Gigliotti made good on his promise to return with 100 more HP.  His Corvette was making over 700hp at this event and took it all the way home for the win in the Circuit Battles competition.

As the race teams began showing up for Saturday practice they were met with heavy rain and most opted to sit out and wait for the weather to clear up.  The front straight at Firebird utilizes the actual drag strip where top fuel cars and the like lay down two paths of rubber.  The rain combined with the layers of rubber on the straight made for an extremely slick surface that claimed a few front bumpers and made for more than a few close calls.   

 ABF Tech Division Mini Cooper Dez Ballard Circuit Battles Time Attack
Dez Ballard in the ABF Tech Division Mini Cooper suffered a broken tranny during Saturday's practice.  By some miracle they were able to locate a used tranny and get the car back in contention the next day.


In the Pro Time Attack series 2009 and 2010 Redline Time Attack Champion, Clint Boisdeau in the Apollo Performace Ford Focus and Apollo Performance Subaru WRX broke both street FWD and AWD records in the same event.  A feat that has never been done before.  Hats off to Clint and the crew at Apollo Performance who have really paid their dues to get to this point.


 Clint Boisdeau Ford Focus STI record breaking
Clint Boisdeau was able to break two records in one event.  The street AWD & FWD records now belong to the Apollo Performance Subaru WRX & Ford Focus.


UMS Tuning Mitsubishi EVO Anthony Szirka Time Attack
 UMS Tuning, Mitsubishi EVO with driver Anthony Szirka, takes 1st in the Super Mod AWD.


KSport Acura RSX
The KSport, Acura RSX ran unopposed in the Super Mod FWD Class for the win. 



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