Redline Track Events Round 2 at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, AZ


 Fontana Nissan 350Z LG Motorsports
Mike Cronin Jr. in the Fontana Nissan 350Z attempts to pass on the 750hp LG Motorsports Corvette but the pass doesn’t stick along the front straight.  The 350Z is packing about 200hp less than the big LS7.


 Berk TEchnology 135i
 Once the Berk Technology 135i ran away from the pack there was no looking back. 


Tarzan Yamada in the Garage GT EVO X did the best he could in the Circuit Battles competition.  The Garage GT car is a mildly prepped car that resembles a street car more than the purpose built race cars he was up against.  


 Robert Ramirez blew two shocks in practice but still finished in 2nd place for the MPTCC.  Dieter Heinz Korjira in the ER 135i had to work for the opportunity to pass at the tight Firebird roadcourse.


 Paul Brown
Paul Brown’s K&N G35 coupe has some smoke coming out of his right front wheel.  Couldn’t tell if it was brakes or possibly oil from one of the coolers.


Here the Circuit Battles guys celebrate showering each other with some of the finest Champagne Walgreens has to offer. 


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