Redline Track Events Round 2 at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, AZ


Fontana Nissan Racing 350Z Mike Cronin
In a Fontana vs. Fontana battle the Mike Cronin Jr. in the 350Z took an early lead against Court Wagner in the GTR.  Despite being a naturally aspirated “small-ish” 3.8L V6, the Fontana Nissan 350Z goes toe to toe with much higher horsepower cars and still comes out on top.


 Circuit Battles
This gives you a pretty good idea of how tight the track was for the Circuit Battles guys that had to attempt to pass during their runs.  Whoever got the holeshot in the begining was usally the winner in the race. 


 Works motorsports lars wolfe evo x
The Works EVO X driven by Lars Wolfe was having some ECU issues during practice but the team worked through the night to get the issues resolved for the competition.


Tarzan Yamada Dez Ballard 
Dez Ballard in the ABF Tech Division Mini fights off Tarzan Yamada in the GT Garage EVO X in the consolation bracket.  Ballard was able to keep Tarzan at bay and pull off the win this round. 


 Circuit Battles Lotus Evora
 The new Lotus Evora powered by a Toyota 2GR-FE V6 served as the offical pace car for the event.


 LG Motorsports
Lou Gigliotti doing a celebratory burnout after winning his first Circuit Battles Competition.  Lou vowed to come back to round 2 with 100HP more.  He did and won the competition.


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