Redline Track Events Round 2 at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, AZ


Josh Hershkoff Lotus
Josh Hershkoff showed up with a new urban camo theme wrap on his Tweeks Racing Lotus Elise and lands on the podium for a second time this season.


The MotoIQ PTCC levels the playing field by classing cars by a power to weight  ratio in a wheel to wheel race.

In the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Challenge (MPTCC) wheel to wheel race the 2010 Champions Berk Technology and their BMW 135i went two for two and won the overall event with Mike Bonanni behind the wheel.  The Berk Technology BMW 135i was on the pole position after qualifiying and never looked back.  The Evolution Racewerks BMW 135i was the main competition for the Berk Technology team and ran in the MPTCC for exhibition only on Hankook RS3 street tires.  Halfway through the race the differences between Berk Technology’s Hankook Ventus C51 DOT slicks vs. ER’s RS3’s showed their difference as the Berk car was able to stretch out a large lead by the end of the race.  

 Berk Technology BMW 135i Time Attack MPTCC
The Berk Technology 135i ran another flawless MPTCC race with P1 in qualifying, most laps lead, and a 1st place finish. 

 Robert Ramirez in the Road Race Engineering 1G Eclipse would take second and here is where all of the racing was happening.  Clint Boisdeau would fill the MPTCC event and run for position only in a “no points” race in his Ford Focus.  During the course of the event Robert and Clint would trade positions no less than 7 times.  The lighter and more developed Focus had an advantage in the corners while Robert’s Eclipse was able to easily walk the Focus down the long front straight.  Robert’s Eclipse was running on two good shocks and Clint was able to get by him through the corners.  Robert’s higher powered Eclipse was able to blow by him on straight every time and he was able to hold Clint off for a well deserved 2nd place in the Tuner Over class.   

Robert Ramierez RRE Eclipse
Robert Ramirez in the Road Race Engineering 1G Eclipse swapped positions with Clint Boisdeau no less than 7 times during the course of the race.  Robert pulled through in the end and finished 2nd place in the MPTCC Tuner Over class.  


Robert Clint Focus Eclipse MPTCC
This was the toughest battle of the race.  Clint Boisdeau ran his relatively underpowered Ford Focus in the MPTCC race and fought tooth and nail with Robert  Ramirez.


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