Redline Track Events Round 3 – Auto Club Speedway May 28-29, 2011



The MotoIQ race saw some very close racing in both Tuner Over & Tuner Under classes.  Here Mike Bonanni in the Berk Technology BMW 135i and Carl Rydquist in the City Tire 350Z joust for position in the race.  Both drivers swapped positions no less than 4 times during the course of the race.  


The Berk Technology BMW 135i has been unstoppable in the MotoIQ PTCC series and secures its third victory and third pole in as many races.  


Both cars had their own strengths and weaknesses.  Carl Rydquist’s Hankook/City Tire 350Z had superior exit speed compared to the Berk Technology BMW 135i.  The BMW seemed to have better straight line acceleration in certain portions of the track due to its very short gearing.  


A sight rarely seen, driver Carl Rydquist for the Hankook/City Tire 350Z also doubles as his own pit crew in the hot pit lane.  Carl is checking tire pressures and he still has his HANS device on!  


Dai Yoshihara driving the infamous Dog car was very lucky to avoid a huge fiasco in the first lap that nearly took two other cars out of the race.  Dai briefly mixed it up with the APD Acura TSX driven by Brian Smith but for the most part drove a clean race to 1st place in the Tuner Under class.  


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