Redline Track Events Round 3 – Auto Club Speedway May 28-29, 2011



Mike Kojima was the unlucky recipient of an overaggressive move by the APM Racing RSX driven by Richard Ho that damaged the front end of the car and nearly took both cars out of the race.  Kojima and the Dog II Sentra went from dead last and fought his way back all the way to 2nd place!  


The Honda Performance Development Acura TSX had issues with their yaw sensor but were able to rig something up before the race that seemed to work.  Here driver Brian Smith gives us some three wheel motion as he drives hard into the braking zone. 


Many would start but few would finish.  The Circuit Battles Pro Track Challenge would chew up and spit out almost half of the field.  This weekend many teams would end their day early due to mechanical issues. 


After a small engine fire at Round 2 in Phoenix, the Group A Wheels Pontiac GTO driven by Joey Scarallo would take his second victory in the Pro Track Challenge. 


After Paul Brown’s tire blowout in the K&N Engineering G35 they were able to repair the car in the pits quickly and came back strong finishing 2nd in the Pro Track Challenge. 


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