Redline Track Events Round 3 – Auto Club Speedway May 28-29, 2011



The newly wrapped Fontana Nissan GTR driven by Cort Wagner was taken out by Lars Wolfe in the Works Motorsport EVO X.  
Lars Wolfe in the Works Motorsport EVO X fought hard for his 3rd place finish.  Wolfe pulled off a come-from-behind win by passing the Fontana Nissan GTR on the last turn of the course.  
GTR vs. GTO.  The comparatively old school GTO was able to take out the GTR despite all of its high tech gadgetry. 
Double the turbos and double the displacement. In this battle you are looking at a 3.5L V6 twin turbo vs. a 1.6L 4 cylinder single turbo.  Dez Ballard in the ABF Tech Division Mini Cooper was in a David vs. Goliath battle against some other much higher horsepower cars but was able to hold his own in the battle.
The Fontana Nissan 350Z driven by Mike Cronin suffered a fuel pump failure and a spare was not on hand.  This was their first mechanical of the year on a car that is usually one of the most reliable time attack cars in the field.  
LG Motorsports and team principle/driver Lou Gigliotti suffered a mechanical failure as well.  The team has had some hard luck this year with mechanical issues on the cars.



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