Rev Speed Magazine Super Battle Time Attack 2011 @ Tsukuba Circuit


The first thing to remember about Japanese time attacks is that there are way more street cars present than at US time attacks. Of course the diversity is much better too because of this. A row of cars at a US time attack goes something like this: Subaru, Subaru, EVO, EVO, S2000, Subaru, EVO, 350Z, E36 M3, Subaru, Subaru, Subaru, EVO, EVO, R35 GTR, S2000, R35 GTR, E46 M3. See what a row at Tsukuba looks like below.

j's racing s2000

For all you S2000 fans out there, J's Racing had this street class S2000. I think it had every single S2000 part J's Racing offers on it. The Volk TE37SLs are everywhere in the pits.

j's racing cr-z

Right across the way was the J's Racing CR-Z. I am generally anti-hybrid sports cars, but unfortunately the technology will definitely be making its way into the realm of high performance. I want to burn fossil fuels in internal combustion engines for the rest of my life. Some more SL wheels.

pan speed tsukuba circuit

Pan Speed was out with three plenty of fossil fuel burning rotaries. SL wheels again.

pan speed fd tsukuba

We saw the Pan Speed FD in Sydney at WTAC 2011 last year. While it didn't quite make the top three, it's definitely one of the best looking cars. I never really saw the detail of the front fender, the side skirt/sill, and the rear fender. The lines aren't too noticeable at a glance because the yellow hides it well.

pan speed fd tsukuba

More of the fender's details and some of the front bumper and canards. The baller 6 piston Brembo monoblocs are nice too of course.

pan speed rx8

The Pan Speed RX-8 right next to the FD was SLAMMED. I wonder if the front suspension geometry is jacked up and it has a severe case of bump steer being as low as it is.

team advance corvette z06

Team Advance brought out their JDM style Corvette Z06. It has a funky looking rear diffuser and this carbon splitter pictured here. Looking up close, it was a really nice piece though.

evo wagon

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is a Voltex widebody kit on a EVO 7 wagon. 

evo 7 wagon tsukuba

Here's another shot of the rear of the EVO wagon as it drove away. Pretty cool huh?

honda fit jazz

A Honda Jazz/Fit decked out with Hankook rubber.

fujita engineering fd

Fujita Engineering brought out this ultra clean street FD. Under the hood it had a pretty baller carbon fiber intake manifold too.

nissan leaf time attack

The irony was the Sunoco arrow pointing at this Nissan Leaf.

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