Rev Speed Magazine Super Battle Time Attack 2011 @ Tsukuba Circuit


autech tsukada r35

Autech Tsukada brought out their R35 GTR. It's one of the fastest R35s in Japan currently have run a 58 second lap. The funny thing is the Just Jap sticker on the side which is a parts retailer in Australia. Sometimes you have to sell out to eat out.

nopro miata

This Nopro Miata is pretty clean in yellow.

miata at tsukuba

Right next to the Nopro Miata was also this blue Miata. Its funny how American JDM style Miatas with the fake 15×8″ Watanabes look nothing like the Miatas in Japan.

miata at tsukuba

This NA Miata was looking a little retro or you could say period correct with this rear wing. It reminds me of looking at a Kaminari catalog from the 80's.

Max Racing CRZ

Another CRZ. I'll take a CRX instead.

evo 4 tsukkuba

This EVO 4 looked pretty good with this front bumper. It's unusual to see an EVO 4 without the big ass fog lights. I actually prefer the foglight-less look.

evo x at tsukuba

I don't see many EVO Xs in the US with the factory optional front bumper and side skirts. This one has a little carbon lip spoiler underneath that would surely be destroyed in 2 minutes on the streets and driveways of Los Angeles.

fd at tsukuba

This RE-Wing FD has run a 58 second lap at Tsukuba in the past making it pretty quick for a “street” car.

re-wing rx7

The white Prodrive wheels are pretty bright. Almost as bright as the rear wing is high.

jdm mr2 spyder

This was one of the two Toyota MR-Ses present. I think these cars have a lot of hidden potential if you can afford a replacement for the ultra weak factory transmission. 

370z blue tsukuba

The carbon rear hatch ruins this 370z's lines, but the color is pretty cool.

evo 9

The EVO was representing for the CT9A chassis. I can only guess that this car belongs to Dynamic ECU. I dig the Prodrive wheels too.

rx8 at tsukuba

RX-8s in Japan look so much better than RX-8s in the USA don't they?

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