Rev Speed Magazine Super Battle Time Attack 2011 @ Tsukuba Circuit


crz wack

Good looking CRZ, but I doubt it was fast. 

black gtr tsukuba

This R35 looked simple and clean. Check out the MA70 Supra Turbo A style grille in the bumper.

350z tsukuba

There were plenty of 350/370z's present.

exceed moat s14

I jacked this picture of the Exceed Moat S14 from Elena's coverage of  EVOME at Tsukuba because I realized I didn't take a picture of the whole car.

exceed moat s14

Now that is a large splitter.

exceed moat s14 shock tower

This car had massive custom fabricated wheel wells.

exceed moat s14

SR20DET powered with a GT35 frame turbo probably means somewhere around 600hp.

exceed moat  s14

A HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU controls the engine while a Racepak dash handles display and logging duties. This isn't the cleanest interior in the world, but it's the JDM version of “git 'r dun”. If you can read Japanese, there's an Exceed Moat blog.

350z tsukuba

Another 350z with the TE37SL wheels. Are you guys seeing a trend here?

350z tsukuba

Another 350z.

370z tsukuba

This 370z looked pretty good in person. I kinda dig the ADVAN painted in white.

sti tsukuba

I'm not sure what was electric about this car other than the color.

sti tsukuba

Another mild STi.

sti tsukuba

TE37SL's again.

tsukuba 2011 results

The Revolution RX-7 won the event with a 54.731 second lap. While not record breaking, it was extremely fast considering the track had just dried off. It was snowing in the morning and there was some rain in the morning that wet the track. The track temperature was a bit too cold to break any records.

tsukuba circuit tunnel

Until next year…or actually in April there's the Hyper Meeting Time Attack at Tsukuba. 

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