Rev Speed Magazine Super Battle Time Attack 2011 @ Tsukuba Circuit


top fuel suzuki swift

Top Fuel brought out their Suzuki Swift.

top fuel suzuki swift

This is actually a pretty cool looking car. It might be a tad smaller than a Scion xB, but probably has more balls. Top Fuel will be bringing a full out Pro Class S2000 to Australia this year for WTAC 2012.

tsukuba circuit bmw e92

A couple of E92 M3s were at the track too.

m3 in japan tsukuba

I'm not feelin the red wheels. Or the E92 M3 actually.

lotus tesla japan

There were only two Exiges and a even a Tesla at Tsukuba.

porsche in japan

This GT2RS is pretty buff right out of the box. 

gt2rs japan

One of these days…

small mitsubishi turbo car

I'm not sure what kind of little Mitsubishi this was, but I'd rock this over a Jazz/Fit any day of the week. If you know what this is, put it in the comments below. I'm too lazy to look it up.

small mitsubishi turbo car

The engine looks like a mini EVO IX engine.

honda jazz fit jdm

It must be fun to go flat out around the whole track in something with this little power.

ian baker ino carbonare andrew brilliant

Ian Baker of Superlap Australia, Dino Carbonare of Speedhunters, and Andrew Brilliant the aero whiz are shooting the shit. Of course you know Dino at Speedhunters right? He's the one responsible for most of Speedhunters' JDM content. 

tsukuba hairpin

I still remember an Option video from the late 90's with Tsuchiya tearing up Tsukuba in the Mine's BNR34 Skyline GT-R. Powering out of this hairpin, the tach needle was flying.

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