Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks – Round 3 at LA Coliseum


You may recognize the name from the tire and wheel brands that are involved with drag racing and off road, but Mickey was more than that. He brought about Stadium Truck Racing because he didn’t like the thought of great racing being only watched by Jack Rabbits and Cacti in the Baja. Mickey also brought about many racing innovations and was one of the greatest promoters the racing world would know. He founded SCORE, the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (which brought about indoor motocross and, of course, Stadium Truck Racing), the first slingshot style dragster in 1954, brought one of the first rear engine Indy cars in 1962, made one of the first “flopper” style funny cars in 1968, and has held more speed records than many men before him and most since.


The Double Jump
The now infamous double jump that, if timed right, could net you some serious position gains. Again, if you timed it right.
The Hill Climb
If you took the right line and kept your momentum up, the Hill was another place that could gain you some positions or lose them.

Well, enough with the history lesson. Today Stadium Super Trucks and the entire series that Robby Gordon has made is a reflection of the ideas that Mickey Thompson created through MTEG. It’s off road racing to the urban masses and entertainment for young and old. There is an off road expo, Monster Truck Racing, Super Buggy Racing, a meet and great that allows you to walk on the same track these guys race on, and the Stadium Super Trucks. There is so much going on and the action on track is just as intense and visceral. Never at one time were you bored with the racing and the things you could see outside the event. 

We’ve seen Rally racing and Rallycross at LA Coliseum before and the way the track was set up reminded me of how Rallycross is done here. There are two paths that could be taken for this round; after taking the finish line jump you would stay straight and hit the chicane before going up into the right palisades with a small jump or you would dart left and hit the crossover jump that featured a 70 foot gap and jumping over your fellow competitors. That path also leads to the doubles as you went up the left palisades.

Miss Stadium Super Truck
Stadium Super Trucks also hold a contest for Miss SST for each event and Miss SST for LA was Kelsey Silwinski. No, neither Kerryann nor I entered. That would be too much for the Stadium Super Truck Fans to take. Mostly due to my face for radio.
The difference between Stadium Trucks and Rallycross is that you had a choice of when you could hit either path and you weren’t required to hit either one. If the chicane was blocked up, you could take the gap jump. There was also a major risk going on the gap jump: if you didn’t time it right, you would either be too short and could “case” the face of the jump or if you had too much speed you could go too far and flat land hard and run the risk of not being able to clear the double. That also meant that neither path was any faster than the other. Oh, and you would be facing your fellow drivers as you both had to merge for the center palisade for the jump down and into the dirt chicane and hill.
the meet and greet
As you can see from the pictures here, the fans were allowed to do a “Meet and Greet” of the trucks, drivers, and even walk the course. This would give them a better idea of what these trucks and buggies were going through that night.

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