Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks – Round 3 at LA Coliseum


This gave Apdaly Lopez in the number 12 RPM Offroad buggy to take the lead. Well, the lead until he lost power in the middle of the sweeper on lap three and also forced the number 67 Buggy of Eric Jacobus and the number 94 buggy of Tyler Winbury to take evasive action with Tyler taking the lead. On that very same lap, the Eric and Tyler would also have trouble at the paved chicane giving the lead to the number 84 Buggy of Jerry Whelchel. Apdaly brought out a caution as the buggy would never be able to take off again. Jerry, however, would never lose that lead but would come close several times.

RPM Offroad Buggy in the lead
Apdaly Lopez kept the lead for almost a lap, too.
RPM Offroad Buggy loses power
However, Lopez would lose power going around the sweeper and Eric Jacobus and Tyler Winbury had to avoid.
Don't have time for your loss in power
Avoid at all costs it would seem as Tyler Winbury wouldn't have time for a buggy that suddenly lost power!

Rino Navero in the number 10 buggy would get into third place until an incident between he and Adrian Cenni would allow the number 55 buggy of Phil Bollman to move into last podium spot. That wouldn’t be the end of the troubles for Rino as his buggy would go over the outside wall on the sweeping left turn and end his night after three laps. Eddie Tafoya’s night was also done after three laps as he went over the hill, his buggy went too far to the left and got hooked on the retaining wall again. That hill also gave Tyler Winbury the best opportunity to try to take the lead away from Jerry Whelchel, but Jerry was able to keep just enough momentum over the back straight jumps to keep Tyler at bay and Jerry Whelchel would take the final heat in Super Buggy. Tyler Winbury would settle for second while Phil Bollman would come in third. All this after 13 laps of tight racing with the Buggies!

Passing where you can make it
These guys would just stand on it, passing where they could and how they could. Sometimes it worked out.
Passing Aggressive
Other times it didn't unless you were in the right spot at the right time. Where Cenni and Navero would stop them, Bollman was at the right place at the right time to take third spot.
Winner of Super Buggy
Clean and consistent racing would give Jerry Whelchel the win in Super Buggy!

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