Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks – Round 3 at LA Coliseum


the asphalt
Here is that quick asphalt I mentioned previously. I believe it's the same stuff used in China for the World Drift Series as they also run in stadiums. It kind of looks like regular asphalt, but in some ways it didn't either.
The hill caused many headaches for those who didn't have enough momentum or the proper line and many wound up getting stuck. It was especially difficult for the buggy cars as they are powered by naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engines. After the hill was a pair of steel jumps on the back straight followed by a sweeping left hand turn that had a speed bump positioned after the apex. The speed bump was interesting as even the Monster Trucks would pop up onto two wheels just before entering the front straight and the finish line jump. To top all that off, the run from the hill on to the right palisade was also paved.
The racing was exciting and that’s putting it lightly. First up was the Monster Truck class and they were on a “Chicago-style” race. This meant that the two trucks would have two different starting positions, one at Start/Finish and the other at the center palisade. The winner would be the first truck back to its starting point and both trucks would have to take the 70 foot jump. The Bounty Hunter team of “The Bounty Hunter” and “Iron Outlaw” were knocked out in the first heat. That was a huge blow to “The Bounty Hunter” as he won the first event at Phoenix. That would mean that a Team Bigfoot driver would win that night and at the end of the night, Larry Swim in the Speed Energy/Bigfoot 16 truck would take the win overall for Round Three.
Bigfoot Vicor
The finals came down to Bigfoot Vicor and Speed Energy/Bigfoot 16. Vicor put on a good fight and for a time it looked like Vicor could have taken the victory away from Swim in the Speed Energy/Bigfoot 16.
Speed Energy bigfoot 16
However, Swim would take the win as he had less trouble at his start area than Bigfoot Vicor had in the sweeper turn.

Next was Stadium Super Buggy and they put on a whale of a show as these guys don’t know the meaning of “take it easy!” Buggies would climb over each other and even the walls of the track as drivers showed little patience and pushed to get into first place. The final heat was made up of 10 buggies and featured driver Adrian Chenni, who would also race in the Stadium Super Truck Class. The action started fast as right before the end of lap one, Adrian hooked his buggy on the inside wall while trying to stay on an aggressive inside line and wound up stuck in last place after finally being able to get his buggy off the wall.

Start of the Super Buggy Final
The explosive start to the Super Buggy Finals!
Super Buggies up the hill
Cenni held the lead in the 11 buggy for almost an entire lap.
Cenni getting too aggressive on the turn
Then that wall came in to grab him. Cenni was able to get himself free, but not before losing many laps.

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