Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks – Round 3 at LA Coliseum


Greg Adler and Lalo LagunaGreg Adler powering by LaloAdler past Laguna
Greg Adler showing off the power of the Stadium Super Truck passing Lalo Laguna going up the right palisade path!
Rob MacCachren
Rob Mac using all of the compression of the King Off Road Shocks!
Arie going on his side
Arie Luyendyk, Jr would find trouble rolling his truck in the left sweeping turn.
Justin LoftonLofton's hood
Getting too aggressive for the pass, Justin Lofton would hit Nick Baumgartner with severe enough damage to lose his hood.
Winner of Stadium Super Trucks Robby Gordon
You winner of Stadium Super Trucks from flag to flag, Robby Gordon!
Rob MacCachren in the number 21 Traxxas Blue truck would race his way into second place with great driving and strategy with using both paths and would nearly pass Robby Gordon on the last lap. However, it would be Robby Gordon to take the win at LA Coliseum, which is a fitting end to the night with this being the birth place of his Stadium Super Truck series. Second goes to Rob MacCachren and third would go to another off road legend, PJ Jones. The next event is at San Diego and if you can make it, go there to watch the most exciting racing in off road, Stadium Super Trucks!
Tyler Wood
Come out to Stadium Super Trucks Round 4 at Qualcomm Stadium! It will be fun for the kids and the kids at heart!

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