S2000 Suspension Geometry Fix

In our last article, we lowered the height of our S2000, which changed the suspension geometry leading to tweaked handling and irregular wear to the driveshaft inboard joints.  In addition, we upgraded our wheels and tires with a more aggressive track spec, ready for the track.

We turned to the experts at Evasive Motorsports, who produce their own product line under the brand EVS Tuning, which offers several products designed to fix many of the S2000 issues when lowered.  The EVS Tuning Front and Rear Anti-Bumpsteer kits, along with the EVS Tuning Rear Roll Center Adjusters, help fix the S2000 suspension geometry.  For a more aggressive track alignment and wheel clearance, we will be adding the EVS Tuning Front Offset Camber Joints.  We will also go over the EVS Tuning Half Shaft Spacers to prevent irregular driveshaft wear and EVS Tuning solid differential collars to reduce movement in our differential.


When lowering the S2000, the front steering rack inner ball joint gets misaligned, resulting in front-wheel tug.  Evasive Motorsports produces their EVS Tuning front Anti Bumpsteer kit from CNC machined forged 6061 aluminum for superior strength and anodized to prevent rust and oxidation.

Evasive Motorsports helped us install the EVS Tuning Front Anti Bumpsteer kit, a spacer that goes between the upper steering rack and front subframe, bringing the steering system back to stock height. The height of the spacer is 15mm as Evasive Motorsports felt this was the optimal increase in height needed for most lowered track applications.  Depending on how much you lower your ride height, there are other brands that offer 12mm of height and if you’re aggressively low, they feature 20mm of height.  But for most applications, 15mm is the ideal height you want to go with.  Evasive Motorsports has a great install guide for more information.

When lowering an AP1 S2000, the rear toe arm geometry gets misaligned, resulting in abnormal rear toe change when your suspension is under compression causing rear toe misalignment without any input from the driver.  Think of it as unintentional 4-wheel steering that causes straight-line instability going over bumps or unexpected oversteer in the rear under heavy braking and turning into a corner. This is where the EVS Tuning Rear Anti Bumpsteer kit allows you to realign the rear toe in/out, fixing the AP1 S2000 rear suspension geometry.  Made from CNC machined forged 6061 aluminum and a beefier M16 x 50mm for superior strength vs M14 from other solutions.

However, for AP2 owners from 04-09, you should know that Honda made inboard changes to the subframe, outboard changes at the knuckle, and different upper A-arm.  Evasive Motorsports recommends that we keep our OEM AP2 rear toe arm.


  1. A car’s suspension is a system: when you change part of it, other parts are also affected. Often, lowering a car looks cool and might improve some aspects of handling, but it affects other things like roll steer, control arm angles, bump steer, etc. We did a lot of similar adjustments to the two S197 project cars here at MotoIQ: bump steer correction, control arm angle adjustment, differential/drifeshaft pinion angle, roll steer, etc.

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