Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 33 – A quick, dry break with Radium Engineering
using a barb fitting inserter on a length of fuel hose
This neat tool is specially designed to insert barbed fittings into hose.

You might also recognize the purple shirt. Since we were already at Robinson Racing Enterprises to have the S1 Sequential Shifter installed, we just asked Barry to help make up the fuel lines for us.

After the barbed fitting is inserted, the Radium dry break is simply screwed into it, and the pump-out line is done.


close up of half dry break and barbed fitting and regular fuel hose
Here’s the finished pump-out hose.

The Radium dry break fitting is a simple push-twist to either connect or disconnect. There is a small slot with a detent and a pin that slides in the slot. This design keeps the dry break from detaching, even in high-vibration applications like motorsports.

Next up is the braided stainless hose.


braided hose in a vise being cut with a cutoff wheel
You know you’re at a race shop when the vise has jaw covers with AN cutouts.

The braided hose is taped and then cut to length.


blowing out the braided hose with an air wand
Blowing the hose out gets rid of all the little metal bits that might have ended up in it, or dirt, or anything else.

You don’t want that crap in your fuel system.


inserting silver braided hose into red AN end in vise
The hose-side of the AN fitting is attached to the hose itself.


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