Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 33 – A quick, dry break with Radium Engineering
dipping AN threads into a tiny bit of motor oil in the oil bottle cap
A tiny bit of motor oil helps the threads seat into the rubber hose and helps to prevent the hose from pushing off the fitting.


using a box wrench to screw the fitting into the hose in the vise
Then, simply screw the fitting end into the hose. Take care to keep an eye on it to see if the hose is being pushed off the end.


blowing out finished hose assembly, with red and blue AN fittings at each end
One more blow-out for extra attention to detail.

Now the dry break can be attached to this hose, and this assembly can get connected to the fuel cell.


AN fitting removed from fuel cell with fuel dribble
And this, friends, is why you want a dry break fitting.

Who wants to deal with this fuel dribble every time you want to pump out the fuel cell? Not only is it a mess, but it’s potentially dangerous.


assembled hose and radium green-and-black dry break resting on fuel cell
Almost there now.

You can see what the dry break looks like when it’s connected. One more step is needed before we can call this job done.


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