Sneak Peek: Dino Crescentini’s StopTech Porsche 911 GT3


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 Fire supression system

Porsche-installed fire suppression system keeps Car-B-Ques at bay.  Fire supression systems like this are absolute life-savers! 


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 carbon fiber doors and skins

Factory Porsche carbon fiber doors and inner skins.  Considerably lighter than even a gutted door, without the sharp edges and look better to boot!


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 Motec ADL2 MFD dash display gauges

Factory installed Motec ADL2 with integrated data recording simplifies the instrument cluster considerably.



GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 interior

The view from the driver’s seat.  Note the factory installed safety gear, including seat, cage, and netting.  The long shifter, while not your circa 1995 ultra-short shifter, still shifts the 6 speed sequential transmission plenty fast and reduces the amount of time the driver spends with one hand on the wheel.


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 side impact x brace

Another look at the factory Porsche cage with door bars.  Heavy gusseting supports the junction of the two bars here, but one of the bars is interrupted.


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