Sneak Peek: Dino Crescentini’s StopTech Porsche 911 GT3


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 overhead roll cage support padding

Overhead rollover protection is extensive.  The BCSI padding is SFI 45.1 approved.  High density padding like this is a must for any roll cage bars placed near the driver.


GMG Racing StopTech 911 GT3 pedal box
A look at the pedal box.  The 911’s rear engine design makes a bottom mount gas pedal the cleanest solution for running the cable.


GMG Racing StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 dash panel

The Motec ADL2 display allows this space to be reserved for the bare necessities.  Note the Motorola radio for communications with the team in the pits.  Driver communication not only speeds tuning, but also allows the team to inform the driver of when the green flag has been thrown, course conditions, yellow flags, and other dangers.  It’s also nice to have someone to talk to!


Overall, GMG and Dino’s preparations of the StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 are impressive.  Hearing the Porsche’s flat six wail its way to 8000rpm, combined with the clean execution, excellent prep work, and professionalism shown by GMG racing, make this a true throroughbred straight from ze Germans.

We leave you with the sweet sounds of the StopTech Porsche on GMG’s dyno.  For more, be sure to check out the Pirelli World Challenge.




GMG Racing

Pirelli World Challenge


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