Sneak Peek: Killer B Motorsport’s KILRB1


The engine block is fully built with all sorts of goodies. “The list is long, but distinguished.”


Here’s a look at the extensive parts/labor list that went into this EJ25:

  • Killer B Motorsport R-Spec Long Block
  • Square Deck
  • Line Bored Mains
  • Darton Sleeves with O-Rings
  • Killer B R-Spec Block Oiling Passages Modifications
  • Manley Billet Crank with Custom Surface Finish and Coating
  • Coated Bearings
  • Manley Turbo-Tuff Rods
  • Killer B Custom R-Spec Wrist Pins
  • Killer B R-Spec Pistons – Skirt Coating, Ceramic Top, Lateral Gas Ports , Custom Rings
  • RP Custom Aged 625 Fasteners used throughout
  • Heads Flow Port Matched with Pocket Port and De-Shroud
  • Ceramic Coated Chamber & Exhaust Ports
  • Killer B Spec-R Ferrea Valves (stock size)
  • Custom Valve Face Surface Finish Treatment
  • Ferrea Springs & Retainers
  • Low-Friction Bronze Guides, Kelford 199-B Cams with Killer B R-Spec Finish & Coating.


The intercooler core is massive. The end tanks are nicely shaped to get as-even flow distribution as possible.


This image is from a FLIR thermal imager. In the upper opening with all the hotness is the radiator. In the lower opening is the intercooler of course. You can see how the flow distribution is pretty even from the top to the bottom of the core based on the temperature gradients observed.


If you’re looking for a quieter setup, the car can come with this 4” exhaust option. It also looks to use oval tubing in the middle for increased ground clearance and then transition to round at the muffler. Of course, the power will take a hit.


The wastegate dump is out the right front fender. MIQ faithful know the science behind external dump making more power.


To help put all the power down to the ground, Enkei RPF1 18” x 10.5” wheels with 295/30 Advans are used. Killer B auto-x’d this car a fair bit. So they used RCE T2 coilovers along with Whiteline front and rear adjustable sway bars mated with Kartboy end-links. Also, just about every bushing has been replaced with stiffer durometer bushings.


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