Sneak Peek: Killer B Motorsport’s KILRB1


Notice the dyno run appears to have started at 3k rpm. This is a Gen 1 GTX3582R making 700whp and 600wtq on a Mustang dyno.


An ATL 15 gallon tank is mounted in the trunk and used for E85. The stock gas tank has only seen unleaded 93 octane.


Recaro Sportster CS seats paired with Sparco harnesses keep the passengers in place. I’ve sat in this model seat before and they are amazing… I want them so badly for Project S2000 but they are outside of my budget!


The bodywork includes a custom Kaminari carbon fiber vented hood to help with thermal management. A JDM OEM roof vent keeps the passengers cool. There a many other aero tweaks.


So there you have it, a sneak peek of one of the most extensively built STIs I have ever come across.

There are many many more parts on it I have not mentioned; you can find them in the Ebay listing. It has served a good life in being the test bed for all of Killer B Motorsport’s performance components and now it needs a new home. Will you become the lucky owner?  You have a couple days to decide.


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