Sneak Peek: Mike Essa and GSR Autosport’s E46 Build


The adapter is made of cast stainless steel so that stainless steel tubing can be welded to it.


Force feeding air into the engine is a Garrett GTX3582R, the same as last year.  This turbo is equipped with the optional speed sensor which adds another knob for tuning.  It also lets the team know whether or not they are overspeeding the turbo.


Here you can see the installation of the speed sensor in the compressor housing. In case you didn’t know, turbos have speed limits like engines do.  Just as an engine with a 7500rpm redline does not like to be spun to 9000rpm, spinning a turbo to 155k rpms when it is designed for 135k will shorten its life.  In the extreme case of overspeed, the turbine and compressor wheels can burst; they literally split in half due to the extreme centrifugal forces.  This is why Garrett by Honeywell burst tests all of their turbine and compressor housings.


The turbo is mounted on this custom fabricated manifold by DOC Race.  It’s the only one in existence right now.  What makes it special?  It’s designed for a twin-scroll setup.  On a side note, this is the first I’ve heard of DOC Race and their work looks pretty good.


Wastegate flows from each set of runners merge to a single Synapse wastegate.  The two flows are separated all the way up to the valve surface to prevent pulsation interference between the two halves of the manifold when the valve is shut.


Here is a little peek at the front suspension (check out how far the tire is pushed out!), but I wanted to show another angle of the twin wastegate flows and the dump tube.  More v-band joints are used between the manifold and up-pipes/wastegate flows to facilitate quick installation and removal.  The exhaust that isn’t wastegated will be sent through a 3.5″ Litespeed exhaust.


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