Sneak Peek: Mike Essa and GSR Autosport’s E46 Build



Some Porsche race car goodness is on the lift above the old drift car.


GSR Autosport knows a LOT about Porsches. And they RACE them.  I can’t remember exactly what Essa told me, but I THINK the yellow one has a GT3RS engine in a car weighing 2200lbs.  Maybe it was 2500lbs?  And I THINK Essa said it clicked off a 1:18 at Big Willow.  My memory is getting rusty.  Just know it hauls ass. 



In the showroom, Bilstein Motorsports dampers were on display.


More goodies are along the wall in the showroom.


BMW has always been my preferred brand out of the more pedestrian German companies, so it’s cool to see Essa now drifting his third Bimmer.  While I’ve driven a few BMWs before, I have yet to get my hands on a Porsche and GSR Autosport had a bunch of tasty ones.  I got to talk shop with Essa and a couple guys there.  It’s always intriguing to learn the unique tricks associated with every type of vehicle.   They definitely know their BMWs and Porsches!  Formula Drift Tech day is right around the corner, so we’ll be seeing the finished product shortly.

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