Sneak Peek: Mike Essa and GSR Autosport’s E46 Build



The Wisefab links have threaded adjusters and slop-free joints to the rear subframe.  The subframe is attached to the chassis with solid mounts.  Soon to be installed are a Quickchange diff with an OS Giken LSD.  


This rear crunch section protects the fuel cell along with providing a rear jacking point.  It is also bolted to the main chassis for possible quick removal and repair.


Here is another look at the rear jacking point.  The Forgestar CF5 wheels are 18×9.   Yokohama has stepped up in providing their super sticky Advan Neova AD08 tires.  All of the road racers out there know how sticky these tires are.


Inside the car, there’s a four on the floor dog box, NASCAR style.  A Clutchmasters twin disk clutch is used in conjunction with a Thorough Concepts aluminum driveshaft to get power to the rear.


Handbrake duties are controlled by Wilwood.


Wilwood pedal and master cylinder assemblies control the brake and clutch systems.  The OEM gas pedal with its electronic witchcraft is maintained.  The mysterious black box feeds info to a Motec CDL3 dash logger.  Check out the cage structure down here in the footwell area; Essa should be well protected from a wheel intrusion in a crash.


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