Sneak Peek: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR


With some of the safety stuff out of the way, we’ll focus on the turn-fast stuff. A Mann Engineering Inverted Type25 Time Attack Spec suspension setup was bolted on. This setup features Swift springs; I’ve used a few different top-end brands of springs on my various cars over the years, and Swift springs have been my favorite so far for providing consistent sag-free performance.
The top of the Mann Engineering inverted strut is a Whiteline Max-C plate. It appears a Whiteline front strut tower brace is also used. Behind the brake fluid reservoir is a GrimmSpeed master cylinder brace to provide improved brake pressure modulation.
A lot of Whiteline bolt-on goodness is used at the rear of the SHOWKAR. Whiteline rear lateral arms, rear toe arms, and rear sway bar are teamed together with the Mann Engineering suspension. The rear StopTech brakes can be seen here and it looks like the rear dust shield is still retained. Out of view are the Whiteline rear differential bushings which take the slop out of the drivetrain. Whiteline roll-center and anti-lift kits are also used to modify the suspension geometry to be more appropriate for track use.
The adjusters for the rear struts can be accessed from the hatch area where a Cusco brace is bolted in place to fortify the chassis.
Whiteline heavy duty end links are used on the front and rear sway bars.
A little more Whiteline goodness to further stiffen the chassis. On the power side of the equation is an Invidia Raceback Titanium system.

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