Sneak Peek: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR



Keeping tabs on the essentials of water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure are Pro Sport gauges. Oh, and there’s the Garrett turbo speed gauge too. An over sped turbo is an unhappy turbo.
Controlling the turbo speed is the e-Boost 2 boost controller from Turbosmart.
If you’re serious about shaving tenths of a second from you lap time, you need a lap timer to analyze your sector times. Snail Performance uses the timer from Qstarz.
While the driver’s eyes interact with the gauges, the hands touch the Sparco steering wheel and Cobb short shifter with Cobb shifter bushings.


We live in a golden era for the automotive enthusiast where a street car can be converted into a track vehicle using nearly all bolt-on parts. Snail Performance didn’t even start with the range toping STI, but the lower level WRX. From there, a careful selection of track-proven parts was bolted onto the car in the areas of brakes, suspension, cooling, bodywork, and safety equipment. Going fast has never been so easy.



Snail Performance

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