Sneak Peek: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR


Keeping a clamp on things (HAhHAahHAhahaaa, I crack myself up…) are clamps from Vibrant.
A Turbosmart limited edition pink BOV is used. Why pink? To raise awareness for breast cancer of course!
On the hot side of things is a Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm. Again, the hot bits are wrapped in insulation with an eye towards reliability to prevent baking heat sensitive components in the engine bay.
One of the keys to reliability is thermal management. Maintaining proper oil temperatures is essential to the longevity of your engine, so Snail Performance used a Setrab oil cooler in conjunction with an ACL oil pump.
Oil is intended to lubricate your engine, not be burned inside it. An air-oil-separator designed by Fathead Fabrications helps remove the oil from the PCV circuit.
To keep coolant temperatures in check, a CSF radiator was bolted in. You may remember these guys from our SEMA coverage and Mike Essa’s E46. Before using the CSF radiator, Snail Performance had a brand something-or-other 3-row radiator. Even with this massive 3-row, the coolant temps were quickly reaching 220F in the heat of Arizona. Snail Performance swapped out the ineffective radiator for a CSF SINGLE-row radiator. Crazy? Nope. The new CSF single-row radiator, despite being thinner and lighter than the old 3-row, kept the coolant temperatures below 190F no matter how hard the car was beat on. For those of you a little rusty on the arithmetic, the coolant temperatures dropped over 30 degrees.
A Seibon carbon fiber hood featuring a lot of venting is used to aid the cooling cause. On a side note, Seibon carbon fiber fenders were bolted on to shed some weight and cover up the wider wheel and tire setup.
Yup, that’s a lot of surface area opened up to allow air to escape the engine bay and improve airflow through the heat exchangers (radiator, intercooler, oil cooler).

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