Sneak Peek: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR


Okay… so the engine isn’t exactly a bolt-on upgrade, but everyone knows high-power EJ25s need to be built. Snail Performance uses a Stage 2+ short block which contains Manley H-Tuff 625+ rods paired with JE pistons. ARP studs keep hold on the heads from a 2007 STI which were ported. TGV valves aren’t needed on a track car, so they were eliminated by the use of Motive Autowerks Composite TGV blocks. Helping to reduce the intake manifold temperatures is a GrimmSpeed 8mm Phenolic Thermal Manifold spacer. You may have noticed there is no longer a MAF on the car. A Cobb AccessPort was used to convert the car to speed density and tune the ECU.
An AEM Tru Power Pulley is bolted on in place of the stock pulley to reduce the rotational inertia a bit improving engine response. A Samco hose replaces the stock piece in the name of reliability. I once had to do an emergency patch using electrical tape on my bro-in-law’s WRX on the side of the highway when the stock hose developed a tear, so the Samco hose is a wise investment.
Perrin fuel rails are used between a DeatschWerks 300LPH fuel pump and Bosch 2000cc injectors to keep up a steady supply of E85.
Turbosmart was tapped for their FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator. Notice the FPR1200 has extra ports for things like the mechanical fuel pressure gauge.
Providing the boost to the engine is a Garrett GTX3576R using the new Garrett 0.61 A/R open volute v-band turbine housing mounted on a Snail Performance kit welded together by Fathead Fabrications. The compressor housing also has a speed sensor installed to keep tabs on the performance of the turbocharger. A thermal blanket is used on the turbine housing providing two benefits: improved turbo performance (heat = energy) and preventing the cooking of everything near the turbine housing. With the EJ being a relatively large 2.5L displacement (for the JDM tuner scene), it prefers the extra flow afforded by the larger turbine wheel of the GT35 over the GT30 when looking to make large amounts of torque and power. The EJ heads do not typically flow as well as other engines therefore reducing torque at high engine speeds, so the new 0.61 A/R v-band turbine housing was chosen to maximize response and area under the torque curve. Make no mistake however; the engine is still making over 500whp at 26psi of boost using E85 fuel. With the car weighing in at 3055lbs, it moves pretty quickly. My guess is that if the SHOWKAR were to run the quarter mile it would trap around 125mph.
The Snail Performance guys want to maximize reliability, so the oil and water lines to the turbo are wrapped in insulation.

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