Sneak Peek: Team R-Colt Time Attack Mitsubishi Ralliart Colt


Check out the little blue brace. What is it for? There’s a bolt going through it that butts up against the brake master cylinder to improve brake feel and response. Gotta love that Project Mu sock on the brake fluid reservoir.
It’s important to note the front tires are sized 255/40/17 instead of the 245/40 on the rear. Why? Front wheel drive cars often have terminal understeer and especially so with the fixed geometry rear beam suspension. So adding some wider rubber up front can adjust the handling balance back to neutral. Adding that little bit more front turn-in is 1.5mm of front toe-out. Getting the power from the crank to the tranny is a Jim Berry custom race clutch using a single organic disk with a Porsche 928 pressure plate; how about that for a random combo of parts to find on a Mitsubishi? Getting the tires to put power down out of the corners is a Ralliart 1.5 way clutch type LSD. Helping make the car predictable in putting that power down by keeping the suspension geometry stable are a Whiteline front urethane bushing kit and Moonface lower control arm ball joints and tie-rod ends.
6-piston Wilwood Dynapro calipers loaded with Wilwood pads are paired with Project Mu 294mm 2-piece front rotors to provide the main braking power. With all the custom brake work, custom braided brake lines were built.
The front carbon splitter is home built. Paint and body work? Stickers and taped up crash damage.
The carbon fiber rear spoiler is from YR Advance. Of course, its angle can be adjusted to tweak the handling the balance of the car.
A Bride seat, seat rail, and Schroth harness keep the driver in place. A Beatrush short shifter is topped off with a Carbing shift knob. Otherwise, not a whole lot was done to the interior aside from removing the rear seats. Even the stock steering wheel and pedals remain in place.

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