Sneek Peek: KPAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3


The air exits over the hood for better aerodynamics.  You can see the air jacks and the top adjusters for the front shocks here.  Although the interior of the front trunk is carbon, these panels are for aerodynamic sealing and are not structural.  The 650S uses a carbon tub for the main chassis and subframes frame made of aluminum extrusions which the front and rear suspensions, engine and transaxle hang onto. 
A McLaren TAG-400i ECU controls the cars engine, traction control and engine shift integration. The TAG-400i uses a 32 bit operating system and runs at 264 MHz. The TAG-400i uses mil spec connectors and is environmentally hardened. The TAG-400i has one GB of data logging capability. 
The car's engine control electronics are mounted on the bulkhead behind the seat.  The shift control electronics are located on the shelf behind the driver.
One of the upgrades done to the car over the normal European FIA GT3 spec is the switch from a sequential shifter to a computer controlled semi automatic paddle shift system. This box is the controller for the electronic paddle shifter.  The car had many changes to help adapt it to rougher, lower grip American tracks, street circuits and standing starts. Shift and traction control are some of the major changes we were able to spot.
This small compressor is used to supply the air that drives the paddle shifters' pneumatic actuators. 
This is where the car's power distribution takes place.  We believe that it is handled by the Pectel Hyllus unit on the right. These parts are located on the rear wall of the front trunk.

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