Sneek Peek: KPAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3


The rear wing is an adjustable, carbon moderately sized single plane part with a Gurney Flap. The shape is different in the middle of the wing because the air coming off the roof of the car is on a slight downward trajectory so the angle of attack is more consistent across the entire wing.
We presume that the louvers in the rear deck lid are to help keep the high mounted exhaust system cool.
A close look at the hood heat exchanger exit louvers and the partial ducting.  We think that perhaps some improvement could be made here with a shaped duct.
Some of the issues plaguing the car in its first season were rumored to be corner entry push and corner exit oversteer, poor ability to get a fast standing start and pitch sensitivity on bumps.  We think that this is the reason for some of the changes made to the original car as delivered on the aero package and the transmission and clutch control. It is interesting to see the team's adaptations to this American series that includes standing starts, bumpy American tracks and slippery street circuits.

The 2015 season has been kinder to K-PAX than the inaugural 2014 season with the McLaren was. The team finished the season in 5th place and had two wins.   K-PAX is a championship winning team very familiar with the development of new platforms and the car will continue to improve for next season if funding can be found.  Allowing the homologation of the FIA GT3 class in Pirelli World Challenge GT has made things much more exciting.  It is great to see the exotic European GT3 cars mixing it up with sports cars and sedans from other manufacturers. We are looking forward to seeing what the next season brings!


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