Sneek Peek: KPAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3


This stuff in the engine compartment is for pressure sensing and distribution for the air shifter. We think the top box with the single cable coming out of it is the beacon for the car's telemetry system.
The white cylinder is the fire system.   The other boxes are accelerometers and GPS for the data logging system.  The other stuff on the center hump under the lexan cover is ballast. 
AP racing provides the pedal box, master cylinders and balance bar.  The car uses Bosch racing ABS, launch and traction control that is integrated to work with the engine management system.
Here is the OMP electrical Fire system bottle.  It is charged with 4.2 lbs of aqueous film forming foam.
The steering wheel has controls for engine control, ABS and traction control.
The fluid reservoirs for the master cylinders are located in the front trunk of the car.

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