Sneek Peek: KPAX Flying Lizard McLaren 650S GT3


The front brakes are big AP Racing motorsports parts.  Monobloc six piston calipers are used up front. AP front floating rotors are used on lightweight alloy hats. The front tires are 30-68-18 Pirelli slicks.  The wheels are lightweight forged parts.  Do you like the vented centerlock hubs?  This is to better mange brake cooling air to control its introduction to a low pressure area at the car's sides and to keep it as far away as possible from the car's underbody where it can reduce downforce.
The rear brakes have 4 piston AP calipers with AP rotors and hats.  The rear hubs are also blown.  The rear tires are 32.5-70-18 Pirelli slicks. We believe that the lightweight forged alloy wheels are made by OZ.
The car's main body structure is a carbon fiber tub, just like a Prototype or an open wheel racer.  The 650S is one of the few road going cars to use a composite main body structure. 
The carbon tub is reinforced with a tubular steel roll cage.  Note how the gull wing doors are are part of the aero package and extend way past the outer confines of the tub. 
The bottom of the door has a Jabroc skidplate.
The back of the car has a night vision rear view camera and a car class detection system.  This lets the driver know if the car behind him is in the same class or not.

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