Steve’s STi: Doing It Right!


Long time Nissan NX enthusiast and track buddy, Jason Kho, checking out the STi's drivetrain while Steve has the hood up. (I'm sure you were wondering how I was going to mention an NX in this article!)
The rear of this car simply looks awesome. Notice the odd piece in the centre and right under the licence plate area?
If you guessed a hitch you're correct. It's for the track trailer to haul the track tires to the track. Or for the future Ontario 1500 to haul all of the equipment Steve and Trevor will require for 1500 kilometres of driving and 14 track events – from Time Attack to Autocross to the Drag Strip.

The exterior of the car looks just as good as what is underneath and inside. Pro-Drive hood vents, APR GTC300 rear wing, custom built front Can-Jam splitter with dive planes. The car is painted OEM World Rally Blue and it looks fantastic. The Enkei rims really set off the blue. I am positive that Steve also has white wheels which obviously adds some work to keep the car looking good (He does, they are SSR Competition wheels that are absolutely white). To quote Steve, “Black wheels are like sweatpants, they are for lazy people who don’t want to clean brake dust!” Touche, Steve! I have black wheels but I do not have sweat pants.


This car looks like it could have rolled out of the factory like this. In person it looks even better than the pictures portray.
I didn't ask Stephen about the duct tape on the back. I'm going to assume it's for a super secret upgrade! What race car would be complete without duct tape!?

There are two seats in the car, as it has and will be used in Rally events in addition to Time Attack, so SFI Approval was not adequate. Both are FIA Corbeau winged carbon fibre racing seats. One is a custom Revenge model with the belt pass-through 20 mm higher than standard and the second is the Revolution. Both with his name monogrammed into the seat because … , well, why not! Safety includes a Simpson Rage Pro head and neck restraint with Sparco 3” six point belts for both driver and navigator. There is a CO2 fire suppression system with nozzles placed in the trunk and engine compartment. The bottle itself is located in the right rear for weight balance. A hand-held bottle is mounted just in front of the passenger seat. 

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