Steve’s STi: Doing It Right!


Handling the track curbing perfectly!
Rick Arbour's Honda is a great momentum car, but it is absolutely no match for the powerhouse STi. This Subaru can easily handle corners so the only thing a momentum car can do is provide a point-by! This photo helps provide an example of the elevation changes driver's face when coming through Turn Two at CTMP. My vantage point allowed me to look down at Two and also at Three – where I am is basically at the same elevation as the top of Turn Two. Rick and Steve are participating in a demonstration of Ontario Time Attack during a CASC road race weekend.
Here's Trevor loading up the left side at TMP.
This is Steve's other car, known as Pugsy, and a true Rally bred daily driver. At the Galway Cavendish Forest Rally, in the Kawartha, Ontario region, Steve was car 0. That meant he was the last safety car through before competitors began flying down the roads. Volunteering has many advantages, including getting to drive rally segments with flashing lights and a roof mounted siren. That's pretty cool. 
Do it right or get it done fast? I think that you would agree with me, Stephen has done it right!

I want to extend a big thank you to Jeff Beech, Will Parsons, Scott MacKay at Scootermedia, Brian Graham at, and Can-Jam for the use of their pics, as indicated with a watermark. Also thank you to Robert Roaldi for his pic of 'Pugsy'. I appreciate your skill and your willingness to share your work! 


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