Steve’s STi: Doing It Right!


Splitter and canards extend out to the width of the tire. Brake ducting looks almost factory within the JDM fog light covers. Fender flares were customized to fit the car's lines.
I'm sure that the hood vents are to allow heat to escape, but to me they are an absolutely perfect window to view the tubbed front end.
Towhook, GoPro, Transponder are all essential tools of a track car.
Coming through the infield at TMP. That's Michael Gardner's Nissan 350Z in the background.

Steve shared driving duties in the car in 2014 with Trevor Hancher. Trevor is another SPDA member and they have known each other since grade school. Additionally, they are almost the same height so there is no issue with the seat placement. Steve and Trevor will be driving the car in the Ontario 1500, taking place in the Fall of 2015.


Coming through the hairpin and onto the front straight at Toronto Motorsports Park.
One last look under the hood. Here you can see the intake piping leading to the turbo, which is covered by a turbo blanket. You'll also note that intercooler piping is kept as short as possible. Another benefit of the rotated Cosworth intake manifold.

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