Straight From Japan: Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R


A stock RB26 engine and transmission were swapped in for comfortable street driving by the owner before Gary. The shop that Gary works for did the installation, which was the moment that he knew he wanted to buy the car. 


The RB26DETT is arguably one of the most powerful engines ever built out of a factory for public consumption. The engine block is made up of cast iron while the 24-valve cylinder head is made up of aluminum. With 4-valves per cylinder, it also uses dual overhead cams. As every engine has their pro's, they also have their cons. For the RB26, a lot of stuff is too small or has too little capacity to make power. This means that many things regarding the coolant, air intake, and even forced induction systems are often upgraded quickly on these motors.


Skyline GT-R’s come naturally with twin turbo chargers. As what a lot or most owners do is go to the single turbo set, as a single turbo is more efficient if slightly slower spooling than twin turbos. Gary took this route because his turbo gaskets were blown, so the stock turbos had to come off anyway to fix the leaks. 

The BorgWarner S360 turbocharger used here is good for about 500 to 600 horsepower. However, considering Gary is running a stock MAF sensor, that is topped out voltage-wise. He is limited to about 400 horsepower until he replaces the sensor with a larger one and retunes the ECU. The usual upgrades that owners tend to grab are the Z32 or Nismo MAF sensor. Either one can flow enough and have enough voltage headspace for about 650 horsepower.


BorgWarner turbochargers are manufactured to stringent, globally acknowledged quality standards and meets the highest quality expectations. 


Precision in matching, good fitment, attached characterization data and excellent value are offered in these 1000cc Deatschwerks injectors. These injectors are the high impedance type. High impedance injectors also called saturated fuel injectors and are sent a 1-1 ½ amp current signal to open. 

The engine is controlled by an APEXi Power FC ECU. This is a user programmable ECU that plugs into the stock wiring harness. The Power FC is popular in Japan but is no longer available here in the USA.


Gary runs a Tomei Aluminum fuel rail to support his 1000cc Deatschwerks injectors. The Tomei fuel rail has a larger than stock internal capacity that sends a big supply of gas even when oversized injectors are used. 


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